80+ hours walking in the shoes of Interface sales associates (with the blisters to prove it)

Juggling snacks, product samples, collateral, a computer AND a cumbersome sales kit, then squeezing into a tiny room with limited presentation space and 15 minutes counting down on the clock—this was sales team's reality. What could we create to help them tell a better story, faster and easier?


A reimagined technical sales kit drives sales conversations and conversions through design thinking

Armed with hands-on research, we brainstormed and sketched the kit itself to facilitate ideation refinement. Prototyping concepts enabled us to fail fast and learn even faster, so that we could quickly arrive at the proposed final solution.

Tools to carry conversations and close deals

Reimagined Technical Sales Kit

Each chapter outlined key product attributes, and given its modular nature, enabled sales associates to easily and instantly customize each conversation. Hands-on demonstration elements catered to the “see-it-to-believe-it” needs of potential clients.