Driving double-digit increases in brand awareness and brand preference the honest way

Roomkey is a hotel booking website that, unlike other online travel sites, offers a transparent way for travelers to book their next stay—presenting shoppers with straightforward, unbiased search results that connect them directly to the hotel to book. They’re honest. And our robust, integrated campaign made no apologies for telling the truth about, well, everything.


Test driving honesty in the ATL

To achieve our two biggest objectives of driving brand awareness of and click-throughs to Roomkey’s site, we maximized a modest budget by selecting Atlanta as our test market, due to its high volume of business and personal travel that comes through the world’s busiest airport.

Contextually relevant, always honest.


Our campaign kicked off with a dose of honesty designed to elicit reactions and spark conversations featuring dozens of truth-telling statements. Strategically placed billboards along the journey to and from Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, a public transportation station domination and a takeover of North baggage claim were just a few of the ways we entertained travelers—and admittedly pissed off a few of them too.

Other booking sites make us feel dirty.

Video advertising via network, cable, streaming and online engaged and educated travelers about the tricks and tactics of Roomkey’s competitors. Targeted, contextually placed digital ads and paid social drove travelers to Roomkey’s website. Earned media included a healthy social debate (do you or do you not call it Hotlanta?) and coverage from a CBS news outlet, which just goes to show you if you speak the truth, people will listen.

- Steve Sickel, CEO, Roomkey

The brilliant campaign you created made today's news. We're getting some well-deserved attention. Well-done all around.....and that's the truth!

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The numbers don't lie
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