Consistently exceeding projected sales goals through modern social storytelling

TiVo, the ultimate category creator, was the first to empower TV fans to skip broadcast advertising and time-shift their way to their own TV nirvana. But with the rise of innovation and competition in the on-demand and streaming space, TiVo went on a search for an advertising partner that could help bolster sales and build relationships with new customer segments in a new way. Spoiler alert: it was us.

Digital and video drive 4x expected sales for the TiVo BOLT

TiVo’s briefs and Hothouse’s creative work aligned and the campaigns that followed were a successful and often laugh-inducing joint collaboration. Video Stories that personified urgency, celebrated made-up holidays, and actually showed you how much you wanted to TiVo your entire life invigorated fan participation, engagement and impacted sales in a big and positive way.


TiVo Edge

Launch Campaign

When you can convince a client to delete their entire Instagram gallery, that’s a win. We kicked off the campaign with a IG grid takeover, adding digital, social, video and experiential elements to our omni-channel approach, which contributed to the Edge’s sold-out status within the first three weeks.


Repositioned for acquisition

As Hothouse worked alongside client marketing staff throughout the long-term engagement to solidify TiVo’s leading role in the industry, a culture of trust and respect also evolved. Through this and the combination of strategic creative and savvy marketing efforts, TiVo was ultimately positioned as a competitive and sought-after brand, both with consumers and investors. In 2019, the brand was acquired by Rovi for over a billion dollars and continues to be known for its dominance in the industry.